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Information on jumpp in English

Our mission statement

jumpp awakens potential and creates perspectives. With jumpp on the side you can take the plunge into self-employment. Since 1984 we advise founders and entrepreneurs on all questions and in all phases of self-employment. Professional, competent, needs-based and holistic.

We inform, educate and qualify, and act as impulse generators, sparring partners and as a sustainable network. In this way we enable women – and men too –  to implement their ideas and secure their subsistence for the long-term through entrepreneurial action or integration into the labor market.

Where women participate on an equal footing, new perspectives open up for all. Because female entrepreneurship is different: more sustainable, more passionate, more open to new working models and work-life balance. Our work not only increases the number of women-owned businesses, but also strengthens their economic power. With our approach we not only change the market, but also our society over the long term.

About jumpp

Jumpp is a German non-profit association which was founded in Frankfurt in 1984 to support women in starting their own business. Today we offer projects for (potential) female entrepreneurs as well as for women looking to (re-)enter the job market. About 5% of our consulting customers are male. In 2021, 87,8 % of our clients had a migrant background and we have female refugees taking part in several projects. Our team is also culturally diverse. Our main activities include:

  • consultancy and coaching in all phases of self-employment
  • qualification projects (one received the Phineo Seal of Impact)
  • holding events (workshops, congresses)
  • political advocacy and networking (membership in committees, attendance at fairs)


Geographic scope

Our focus is the Rhine-Main region, which is (new) home to many migrants as well as political institutions and companies. Cities in this area include Frankfurt, Wiesbaden & Mainz (government seats of Federal States), and Darmstadt. Jumpp runs the Hessian coordinating office for female founders and entrepreneurs, and Frankfurt’s Department of Women’s Affairs is a strong partner of ours. We also have many connections in Germany, the EU and the US from past joint projects and regular professional exchange.


Our network of partners

  • The Hessian ministries of Economics, Social Affairs and Integration
  • German associations for female entrepreneurs and for female entrepreneurs in craftsmanship
  • Regional Chambers of Industry and Commerce & of Crafts, Offices for Economic Development
  • Frankfurt Departments of Women’s Affairs
  • Female migrant organizations
  • Fellow NPOs focusing on female migrants
  • Local employment agencies and job centers
  • Several institutions of higher education and research institutes (economics and sociology)


Contact us

You are very welcome to contact us concerning consultation sessions in English or concerning a potential partnership, for example for a joint project. Simply write an e-mail to info[at]jumpp.de and we will get back to you. You can also call us under 0049-69-71589550.