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Jumpp Inspire Award – Awaken the female founder within you!

The Jumpp Inspire Award is supported by Bank of America.


For over 35 years, jumpp has been helping women to develop their potential and create new perspectives for themselves through self-employment. We think that unusual ways into entrepreneurship can lead to success, too. Therefore, we want to encourage women from all social and professional backgrounds and with different qualification levels to pursue their own ideas.
The Jumpp Inspire Award offers a stage for everyone who is interested in the topic of founding and self-employment and has long been waiting for the push to further formulate their idea.
With the support of Bank of America, we are honoring ideas and concepts in the early stages that show how diverse entrepreneurship can be.

Information on participating in the Jumpp Inspire Award 2021


Applications are open for women between the ages of 18 and 60 who have never been self-employed to a significant extent or set up a company before. It is also possible for a several women to apply together as a team. You should live in the Rhine-Main region (see  https://t1p.de/rhinemain) or in Hesse. Entries can be submitted in German or English.

You need: an idea and the courage to tell us about your story and your motivation.
What you don't need: a complete business plan or perfect knowledge of German. If German is not your mother tongue, we will be happy to support you with the wording of your application in German for the Jumpp Inspire Award! If you feel most comfortable applying in English, this is also possible.



Contributions are awarded in the following four categories. It is possible to submit an idea in two categories at the same time. If you do this, jumpp will decide in the pre-selection process which category the contribution will be assigned to.

  • Explorer: Entering a new field
    Are you enthusiastic about an area in which you have not worked before and believe that you can bring many of your skills to bear here? Then tell us what your plan looks like to break into a new industry.
  • Strategist: Finding a business framework that matches your lifestyle
    Self-employment is exciting for you, but you cannot or do not want to start a full-time business? Then show us with your submission what ideas you have for a business concept that also works part-time and offers promising prospects.
  • Community leader: Ideas with an intercultural focus
    Would you like to use your skills and / or experience to help ensure that cultural diversity is beneficial for everyone? Does your idea bring different people together? Then this is the right category for your concept.Community-Gestalterin: Ideen mit interkulturellem Fokus
  • Visionary: A holistic take on innovation
    Innovation has many facets! Do you have an idea for how a service or product could be offered in a whole new way? Or a special personnel concept? Ideas for new technologies are also welcome, but you can also think in a completely different direction.

With the jumpp Inspire Award we want to empower women to pursue and implement their own ideas. For this we are giving away a total of 8,000 euros and supporting the winners with feedback, networking and visibility.

The women (or female teams) behind the ideas awarded in four categories will each receive:

  • Three 1-on-1 consultation appointments at jumpp, in which we work on the following questions together: What next steps make sense in order to advance the implementation of my idea? What skills do I already have, where do I still want to acquire skills? What other support options are there for me and my start-up project?
  • A budget of 2,000 euros. This money should give each winner the chance to invest in her own qualifications and / or the realization of her business idea. For example, in extensive start-up coaching, further training, a laptop, a language course, fees for childcare, or even a logo design. During the above consultations, we will work together to make a plan for how the prize money will be used.
  • One year of free participation in the UFO – Unternehmerinnenforum RheinMain (Female Entrepreneurs' Forum RhineMain), our cross-sector network for women who are or want to become entrepreneurs.

In addition, all participants who make it to the final will be presented on our website and / or on social media.



  • At https://lamapoll.de/Jumpp-Inspire-Award/en you will find our participation form that will support you with questions to present your idea comprehensively. You can use your personal edit link to save your entries at any time and continue editing later. Only when you click on "Submit application!" will you take part and your contribution will be sent to jumpp. If you have any technical queries, please contact jumpp - we may also provide you with the questions as a document.
  • Entries can be submitted until Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Jumpp will then make a pre-selection of the founding ideas submitted. If you have specified two categories, jumpp will decide in this step in which category your idea will enter the race.
  • For each of the four categories, three submissions will be selected for the final. These 12 women or women’s teams are invited to an introductory meeting with our jury, where they have 10 minutes to present themselves and their ideas. In preparation for this, you can take part in a jumpp workshop beforehand, which gives tips on how to present yourself well.
  • The finalists will be presenting in front of the jury on February 10th, 2021. The award ceremony takes place on February 25th, 2021.

All important information as well as the complete conditions of participation can be found here: Detailed information on participation (PDF)

Contact for questions

Unica Peters
Project lead
Phone 069 / 71589550


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